Smart buildings

Harness new technology, system connections, and real-time building data to make workplaces more efficient and people more productive.

Featured solutions & digital products

Digitization is transforming how business is done, how buildings operate, and how people work. Transform your workplace with market-tested tools and strategies.
Enterprise workplace application

Connect employees to your workplace seamlessly. Enable a better user experience and access real-time employee feedback and other data to help you make smarter real estate decisions.

Smart building consulting

Work with experts on your smart building strategy and vision, whether you need a flexible solution or a full master plan.

Smart building management

Install and implement smart building systems and leverage experts to manage and optimize your investments.


Identify building problems that often go undetected. Catch potential failures before they happen. Monitor, analyze, and optimize energy usage and maintain peak performance.

Are smart buildings smart for business?

Respond rapidly to changing demands and workforce needs. Improve employee satisfaction. See all the ways a smart building can benefit your company.

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Flexible facilities management

Help your in-house facilities team do more. Boost efficiency, strengthen purchasing power, lower costs, and increase transparency.

Engineering & energy services

Take a holistic approach to asset management, maintenance planning, engineering, and energy management to improve your building's health and performance.

Human experience services

Bring together your culture and experience goals in a comprehensive strategy that heightens the experience for employees and guests.

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Develop smart, technology-driven solutions that enhance employee experience, rein in costs, and keep your buildings performing at their peak.