Where are the worlds most liveable cities?

There are some cities you visit and wish you could move there tomorrow because the quality of life on offer seems so appealing.

06 de junio de 2016

Whether it’s down to lots of easily accessible amenities and open space, low levels of traffic and pollution or plenty of opportunities for enjoying a life outside of work, everybody values particular aspects of urban life in different ways.

As such, the idea of ‘liveability’ is a contested one and will differ wildly in the eyes of different groups of people: young students, families, expats and the elderly – to name just a few. It’s given rise to numerous indices – in fact there are now more indices covering the issue of liveability than any other area, and each varies significantly depending on the author and audience.

The JLL Cities Research Center’s ‘Benchmarking the Future World of Cities’ report has uncovered the ‘Top 10 Most Liveable Cities’ across five leading indices. The list is dominated by major Northern and Central European cities, supplemented by a handful of Australian, New Zealand and Canadian cities. These are small- or mid-sized cities, with strong infrastructure platforms, good education systems and global reach – and can thus all be classified, to some degree, as ‘New World Cities’.

Find out more about these cities and see what gives them such an enviable  quality of life in the slideshow above.

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