The importance of experience within the workplace

JLL Global Research Head Marie Puybaraud shares how experience is critical to engagement, empowerment, and fulfillment

As the current workforce retires and the new generation joins in, many companies will inevitably face a talent crunch and an immense pressure to attract the best people. Not only does the challenge stem from finding talent, it also comes from the ability to keep employees happy and motivated to stay.

We know providing vibrant offices with lavish perks is one way to attract and retain talent; but giving employees flexibility and choice for wherewhen and how work happens is also critical. The best talent will be in hot demand. With the luxury of choice, they are unlikely to stay if the workplace or its activities do not ignite their desire to succeed.

The reality of tomorrow

Employee engagement is dependent on the workplace’s human experience. The environment that your organization offers will be part of the talent attraction and retention equation. The conversation will move beyond just providing a workspace toward creating the best place that enables people to feel engaged, empowered, and fulfilled.

Hear what Marie Puybaraud, Global Head of Research at JLL, has to say about the importance of human experience: