Podcast: What do good leaders look like in the new world of work?

JLL's Sue Asprey-Price discusses how leadership styles are changing with Facebook's Gya Adeyemi and Professor Rosie Campbell of King's College London

March 05, 2021

As workplaces adapt to the rise of remote working and changing employee expectations, the skills needed to successfully manage teams in this new environment are evolving.

Being a strong leader isn’t the same as being a good leader – and traits like micro-managing or a reliance on presenteeism are increasingly outdated and unwelcome.

Instead, good leaders, whether they’re male or female, C-suite or first-time managers, are taking a more collaborative, empathetic approach to support and steer their teams. What’s more, they’re ensuring their companies play a part in tackling some of the prevalent issues facing society such as diversity and equality in the workplace.

Leaders that do it well are creating inclusive workplace cultures with a motivated and engaged workforce that performs at its best.

So for International Women’s Day, where this year’s theme is choose to challenge, how can changing management styles drive a cultural shift across businesses? And what skills and qualities do today’s and tomorrow’s leaders need to hone for the new world of work?

Listen to our podcast above to hear JLL’s Head of UK Work Dynamics Sue Asprey-Price in conversation with Rosie Campbell, Professor of Politics and Director of the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership at King’s College London and Gya Adeyemi, EMEA Transaction Manager at Facebook.

For more on creating diverse and inclusive workplaces, check out JLL's webinar The future of work is diverse.

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