The Real Views wrap: How has real estate changed in 2018?

As 2018 draws to a close, new innovations, new ideas and new designs have all played their part in keeping the real estate industry on its toes throughout the year.

December 20, 2018

Existing mega-trends of urbanization, proptech and sustainability continue to shape the built environment – and have given rise to a growing number of sub-trends in terms of how we build, how we live and how we work.

Technology – from robots in warehouses to blockchain in real estate transactions – has bounded forward and is making real estate a little bit smarter, a little more efficient and a little more able to respond to the challenges of modern life.

Many city skylines from New York to Shenzhen have changed over the past 12 months as new skyscrapers and mega-developments spring up to cater for growing urban populations. Meanwhile, spaces inside both newly built and refurbished buildings are changing, whether shrinking homes in ever expanding cities or the rise of flexible office space, which is rapidly gaining ground in office market around the world.

Retailers and logistics firms are coming up with new ways to meet consumer expectations whether it’s the ever-faster delivery of goods or in-store experiences that pull in the crowds.

Indeed, real estate is increasingly focused on the people aspect; how good design can boost productivity in the office, why hotels need to create memorable guest experiences and how the built environment can become more inclusive. 

On Real Views we’ve covered many different aspects of these trends in 2018; take a look at the video above for a snapshot of some of the highlights from the year.


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