Healthy Return

Your solution for a safer, smarter, faster, and more supportive return to the workplace. That’s healthy, uncomplicated.

Why now?

80% of office workers expect to be back in the office by December 2021
3 out of 4 employees expect health and wellbeing perks at work post-pandemic
69% of workers say that the COVID-19 pandemic has been the most stressful time in their careers

Healthy, uncomplicated

The world of workplace safety, health and wellbeing is complex and hard to navigate – especially as you plan to return at scale.

With Healthy Return, we’ve done the legwork for you. Our streamlined approach to re-entry - delivered in 3 phases – is designed to get you back to your workplaces with maximum ease and minimal frustration.

Here’s how it works

To start, you need data on current workplace conditions. In this phase, we’ll:  
  • Complete virtual assessments of policies, procedures & wellbeing programs
  • Complete onsite assessments and conduct physical inspections, field sampling and lab testing
  • Identify gaps, recommend practical next actions and outline capital and operating implications for each recommendation

Next, using the gap analysis from phase 1, we’ll help you design a bespoke return-to-the-workplace program, bringing together solutions spanning:
  • JLL Indoor Air Quality
  • JLL Experience / Wellbeing
  • The broader “healthy” marketplace, through our dynamic ecosystem of partners

Finally, we’ll take one-time actions and launch and manage ongoing programs as identified in program design, across:
  • JLL Indoor Air Quality
  • JLL Experience / Wellbeing
  • Ecosystem partner solutions
We’ll also launch an integrated dashboard, monitor performance over time and adjust programs as needed.