CRE transformation

Transform CRE to power the future of work. Launch new skills, roles, and organizational structures to support broader business goals and enhance strategic value.

Positively impact the enterprise with CRE transformation

Be one of the 66 percent of companies that are still in business within the next five years.


65 percent of CRE leaders expect their mandate from leadership to be stronger by 2020.

1 in 3

Public companies have a one in three chance of going under within the next five years.


89 percent of enterprises have plans to adopt a digital-first business strategy to meet future needs.

3 steps to advancing CRE value creation

CRE departments have an opportunity to deliver strategic value that far exceeds that of their traditional domain.

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Portfolio optimization

Develop data-driven portfolio strategies that drive business performance, optimize real estate portfolios, reduce costs and drive workforce productivity.

Flexible space strategy

Create an operator-agnostic flexible space strategy that adds more adaptability to your portfolio while enhancing the human experience.

Human experience strategy

Your most important asset is your people. Create human experience strategies to attract top talent and enhance employee productivity and engagement.

Change and implementation

Use this structured change process platform for governance, delivery, communications and training of your workforce.

Talk to us about CRE transformation. 

Develop new CRE operating models to help address business innovation, cost savings, and the human experience. CRE transformation is about so much more than just providing the right space.