A Sustainable post-COVID recovery

At JLL, a question we ask ourselves is how can the real estate industry help save the planet? It’s a question that has never been more relevant, timely or important.

22 de septiembre de 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has shown us how rapidly the world can change. We felt the devasting impact of the pandemic and we are now preparing ourselves, and our businesses, for a significant social and economic crisis. However, we did observe the power of the natural world as it began to heal itself and recover during lockdown. As we all start return to a sense of normality in our personal lives and in business it’s important to seize the moment by directing our focus and resources on protecting and supporting our planet for the future.

Even if the immediate threat of COVID-19 is eliminated, our lives won’t be ‘back to normal’ as we know it. Big crises tend to usher in dramatic changes, some of which remain in place long after the crisis itself is over. At such a pivotal time, this is the moment to reflect on the lessons learned from the crisis and reshape the future for a better world.

To assist the real estate sector in reshaping their strategies and working towards bringing about a sustainable future, we have identified three priority areas to drive focussed effort.

  • Ensuring climate resilience and accelerating the net zero carbon transition
  • Enabling healthy people and environments
  • Creating a fair, inclusive, and resilient society

Our report explores these themes and demonstrates the way companies are effecting real environmental change.

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What if a real estate company could help save the planet? Actually, we can.