Client story

Johnson & Johnson renew their offices with positive impact

J&J offices were not organized strategically or conveniently. JLL proposed an integral solution under the turnkey model and managed to connect the open work space, with new functional areas and outdoor spaces.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Square Metres

1050 m2


6 months


Integration of open spaces and functional areas

Johnson & Johnson entrusted  JLL Argentina Project Management Team (PDS)  with the remodeling of their existing offices and integrating open spaces with functional areas such as meeting rooms, phone booths, and outdoor recreation areas. Having analyzed the existing building conditions, functionalities and the project budget, JLL proposed a turnkey solution.

“I totally recommend working with JLL. I think they are a group of high-level professionals, able to capture every need an organization could have.”

Gabriela Elgorriaga, Líder de Tecnología, LatAm South, Johnson & Johnson

Project execution

Based on the established budget, the PDS team boosted and expanded the scope of the project to incorporate new functional areas such as reception to provide greater visibility and brand integration between customers and space users. During the project execution, certain materials were re-used to maintain uniformity of areas. The construction process consisted of four stages, which was a big advantage for the client allowing them to count on these spaces in the meanwhile. Additionally, the users of the building were coordinated through a swing space area, used as temporary relocation of workstations to continue working during the project execution. 


  • Intervention on existing installations (electrical/CCTV/Data), where they had to be readjusted and kept operational.
  • The conjunction of new structural systems over the existing building, generating new external areas.
  • Control over the approved budget, assuming the changes in the middle of the construction process.